Purchase of a New Home

- Buying or Selling Your Home?

It is important to contact our office whether you are buying or selling your home. By providing our office with the following information we will be able to insure a smooth transaction of services.

 Property location
   Name of settlement attorney and contact information
   Buyers name
   Date of settlement
   Renting?  If so, forwarding address is required for billing

** This form is available at your request **

Rental Units


Please provide our office with a forwarding address for billing and other correspondence.
It is important that our office is aware if your home is being used as a rental. The homeowner/property manager should be aware of what is going on with the account for charges are assessed to the property. Should a balance remain on the account, the Camden-Wyoming Sewer & Water Authority reserves the right to place a lien on the property to insure payment should the property be refinanced or sold.

By contacting office when a tenant is moving in or out we can calculate charges due on the account between billing quarters.


** This form is available at your request **



Impact Fees

New Construction and/or replacing existing water or sewer service line.

Required to submit application form below. Contact office for any additional questions.



Water and Sewer Service Application -- Please contact office for current Impact Fee Schedule