Billing Schedule

Residential Sewer/Water bills are processed

quarterly by the follow schedule:

1st Quarter (January 1 - March 31)
To receive first week of April
Due April 25

2nd Quarter (April 1 - June 30)
To receive first week of July
Due July 25

3rd Quarter (July 1 - September 30)
To receive first week of October
Due October 25

4th Quarter (October 1 - December 31)
To receive first week of January
Due January 25


Accounts are loaded (in hand held devices) approximately 10 days

before the END of a billing quarter.


** Payment received after the 25th are subject to a 1.5% penalty**





As of January 1, 2017

Water Flat Rate:                   30.27

Irrg Meter Flat Rate:           5.25
    customers only)

    Usage Charge:                      4.96

Sewer Flat Rate:                   52.09
   Usage Charge:                       2.33
   K/C surcharge:                     2.67

*Flat rate (before usage)

*Usage Charges and K/C surcharge
   based on per 1,000 gallon usage

Accepted Forms of Payment

Cash, Check or  Money Order 

Difficulty Paying ?

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, pleae talk to us. The sooner we know the sooner we can discuss your situation and agree to a suitable payment arangement. Remember, we can't help you if we don't know. If you do not contact us or respond to our notices or letters we will assume that you are trying to avoid paying your bill which will result in a lien being placed on the property and/or services being disconnected. Should services be disconneced, the account balance as well as an $85.00 reconnection fee must be paid in full, before service can be restored.

If you are in the need for financial assistance, you may click on the following link:

This link will direct you to a State of Delaware website where you may find further information regarding finacial assistance. This is only a reference. The CWSWA does not have any control in the approval process for the State of Delaware.



Additional Billing Questions

Should you have any biling questions or concerns regarding your bill please contact Lisa Jones at 302-697-6372 or via email -